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Art Discussion Board

*Please click on this link ^ to post. Do not post on this page :) Jakey 


Art on Display



Live Performance




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Posting to our Wiki:

1) Click on the page you would like to post to.

2) Click on "Edit Page" (top left)

3) When prompted, type in your name, email address and the Invite Key/Wiki Password.

4) You can type your post directly into the template or (highly recommended) write your post before hand and copy/paste it into the template.

5) Please add your name and the date to your post.

6) Click Save when finished (bottom of template).

7) Log out of Wiki (top right hand corner of Wiki).


***To add a link to your post**

1) Copy the link from the Internet

2) Place your cursor where you would like to add a link

3) Go to the tool bar and select "link"

4) Under link type select "URL"

5) Paste you link under the URL box AND the Link Text box.

6) Click "OK"

7) Click Save when finished (bottom of template).


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